Cannabis Dispensaries


Silverlake, California – a bustling little community nestled just north of downtown Los Angeles, is home to more than just a few cannabis curators. Amidst this fierce competition, hiding in plain sight, is a group that is clearly going the extra mile to take care of their community. At first glance MOTA appears to be… Read More M O T A


Do It For The Pussy

Stinje and I collab in his version of the “Do It For The Pussy Challenge” Find us on Instagram @katie.ann.martin and @stinje and find him on youtube at Enjoy!


420 Games Recap

It was such a fun experience at my first 420 games in Golden Gate park, San Francisco. We arrived, grabbed our badges and started our fun run! There were people of all ages, even children. People were biking, skating, running, and even walking the race. It was extremely exciting seeing an all ages cannabis event!  … Read More 420 Games Recap