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New Dispensary Alert



I was able to get a sneak preview  of this new dispensary opening this week.


The Dispensary in Reno, located right around where I was staying, The Atlantas.

When driving up to one of the first legal dispensaries in Reno, my jaw dropped as this facility is big!

Large check in space and an even larger waiting room, walking into the retail space a large island sits in the middle. All counters are covered with granite and floor to counter was repurposed wood. The design and decorative touches were noticeable. I was able to also get the chance to meet some of their future employees and get to know their level of skill. Its extremely heart warming to see a lot of time and effort spent training the bud tending staff so that they can properly administer cannabis.

The menu is large and covers all needs, they have started carrying KYND, BAM, & Cannavative, not to mention their large space will make it possible to provide some rad services for the patients, including massage, acupuncture and even yoga classes.


I can’t wait to make it back up their once the spot opens to try all their amazing meds


Peace and love





Katie Ann Martin



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