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Silverlake, California – a bustling little community nestled just north of downtown Los Angeles, is home to more than just a few cannabis curators. Amidst this fierce competition, hiding in plain sight, is a group that is clearly going the extra mile to take care of their community. At first glance MOTA appears to be nothing more than the remains of a previously well-known novelty shop, Circus of Books, but that big green cross outside tells a different tale.

You can’t see the green cross in this pic, but look for them on the corner of Sanborn & Sunset Blvd.
Books can be deceiving!

When you walk into the shop, you’re greeted by their smiling security and a vivid green and yellow bookshelf. Moments after verifying your patient status, the bookshelf magically swings open to reveal a very spacious and modern cannabis boutique with the brand name MOTA (which ironically means cannabis in Spanish slang) glowing behind the counter.

I met up with one of their team who graciously took me on a full tour of their facility, first showing me their variety of products from edibles and topicals for those who don’t want to smoke to potent extracts for the more experienced and everything else in between.

MOTA features plenty of tasty in-house strains like this Diablo

After smelling a few of their strains, from the old favorite Jack Herer to the pungent flavors of newer strains like Grape Pie and Do Si Dos, I was very impressed with the quality and diversity of their medicine. I started asking our friend if it was grown locally, who smiled and took me downstairs to an even bigger surprise – they grow it directly under the shop! As he began to take me through the facility I started asking more questions; is it organic? Yep. How about pesticides? Nope. This place was truly impressive, efficient enough to almost entirely supply themselves year-round while keeping the plants and facility organic and immaculate.

So many strains here, and some new ones in the making!

This has always been especially important to me, keeping medicine clean and providing access or knowledge to those who may not even realize what kind of practices go on in the industry. Companies like MOTA and our own, Camp Green, are dedicated to pushing the industry to a higher standard. With the coming implementation of programs like Track and Trace and an impending legal transition to fit federal standards, the industry is scrambling to adapt and it needs role models like MOTA and Camp Green to show the rest of the country that full legalization can be done safely and efficiently, hopefully setting the stage for national legalization in the coming years.


P.S. I heard rumors of them possibly building a yoga studio in an adjacent space, and you guys know how much I love yoga! So next time you’re in LA or just getting meds stop by MOTA and mention to them how ideal a yoga studio would be!



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