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Devine Pastabilities

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Devine Pastabilities!

A couple friends and I were searching for something interesting to grub on while visiting San Diego, after spending over 30 minutes scrolling through our phones, I stumbled across Devine Pastabilities. Was it going to be junky vegan food, or were we actually walking into mans best creations the TORPASTA!

The restaurant sits like a typical pizza shop, the workers seem like high school students but hey, everyone has to start some where! I used to work at roundtable! The workers weren’t the quickest, nor knowledgable but we ordered an waited.

Usually restaurants like this don’t have vegan options, so I end up picking and pulling apart something on their menu. Devine Pastabilities came through, vegan option in the TORPASTA, and they also had TORSALADS


So I ordered both, a vegan TORPASTA & a TORSALAD, both were hands down amazing, and I ended up saving half a Torpasta for a late night snack.


I highly recomend trying these once in a while, might be alot of carbs for an everyday meal! 😉

You only live once, might as well indulge!

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