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Illinois Student Earns Right to Medicate at School

Ashley Surin, 11, of Illinois was a part of a historic turning point in the controversy regarding use of cannabis in school in the same way as prescription drugs, such as Ritalin or Adderall. After being told by school officials that the cannabis extracts that kept her seizures at bay would be prohibited on school grounds, Surin’s family immediately took to suit.

So far despite the nations change of heart towards cannabis, only New Jersey, Maine, and Colorado allow students to use their medical prescriptions at school.

After a ruling in her favor, Illinois lawmakers plan to meet in the following weeks to decide what this means for the future of the states legislation.

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Time For Investors to Take Cannabis Stock Seriously

With the new year approaching and legalization in California impending, along with 5 other states which have recently legalized cannabis recreationally, investors are seriously considering not only placing stock in the validity of the cannabis industry, but purchase stock as well. With California being the largest cannabis consumer market in the world, many people are coming to their broker with questions as to how they can get a piece of ‘The Green Rush’.

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Colorado Publishes Cannabis Sales Data Publicly

Nearly four years after cannabis is legalized recreationally in Colorado, sales data for the states booming marijuana industry is being released to the public. Previously the state had only released monthly tax revenue reports, simply hinting at the quantity of sales these companies were pushing. The record of sales had been roughly estimated by experts and economists alike for years but now the numbers are transparent, making it more apparent what a profitable industry cannabis can be!

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Official Colorado sales data

2014: $683.52 million
2015: $995.59 million
2016: $1.31 billion
2017 (January to October):$1.26 billion
Total: $4.25 billion



Attorney General Jeff Sessions is being sued over the nation’s marijuana policy.

“Colorado native Alexis Bortell has filed a lawsuit claiming that the federal prohibition on marijuana is unconstitutional.

Bortell uses a strain of cannabis oil called Haleigh’s Hope to help with her seizures, and hopes that the lawsuit will help normalize and further legalize marijuana, she told Fox 31 Denver.”

Newsweek reported on this recently – but she’s not the only one suing! 6 year old Jagger Cotte, former NFL player Marvin Washington, and Iraq war veteran Jose Belen are also suing the federal government. The government’s attitude towards cannabis must change if we want to save children like Alexis. Because of government regulations even the study of cannabis is very limited, leaving miraculous compounds like CBD unavailable to the public.




According to Vice, polls say that 64% of Americans support the legalization of cannabis! 

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Rolling Stone’s article on the NorCal Fires – Check it out

Cannabis farms and communities all across the northern region of California are being devastated

by this years relentless series of fires.


CannaCraft, a Northern Cali cannabis company, lost at least $1 million worth of marijuana in the fires.Courtesy of CannaCraft

Smoke from a wildfire rises over the hills near in Kenwood, California, on October 10th. Jim Wilson/Redux

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